Chapter Wetrooms Offer Fixed Pricing Guaranteed

Here at Chapter, we operate a fair fixed pricing scheme. That means every job is priced for exactly what is required only. We don’t employ any salesmen and we don’t pay any commissions. That means our surveyor’s focus is always advising on the best solution, not the highest price.

Our pricing system means once we give a quotation, we can guarantee the price. So you can rest assured there will be no increases or nasty surprises once the job is underway. If we find a problem, we solve it!

Can you just give me a ballpark figure!? Of course we can…

You don’t need a home survey to get a price guideline. By answering a few basic questions over the phone, our surveyors can usually give you a fairly accurate idea of the price within minutes.

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Wet Rooms

Converting your bathroom to a wet room is often the most practical solution. Whether you need wheelchair accessibility or simply find a traditional step-in tray an issue, a wetroom would be the ideal option to future proof your bathroom.

Walk In Showers

All of our walk-in showers are custom designed to suit each user’s mobility requirements. With a low-level step and anti-slip base, our walk-in showers are an ideal replacement for an old troublesome bath.

Walk In Baths

Our wide range of safe and stylish walk-in baths provide an option for everyone. From power-assisted seats to luxury spa systems, for those who can’t resist a long soak in the bath tub.

Let us take the stress out of your new bathroom solution, call today to discuss our free home design consultation service. 

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